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Florida All Media Roundtable


Founded 1950, New York City by George Allen


Media Roundtable Luncheon Schedule

2017 - 2018  Season, Our 68th

.  If you are new to The Media Roundtable and not yet on our mailing list checkout this site and e-mail me to be added to the list if you are "media connected." We define "media" quite broadly. There are NO membership fees, dues or any costs beyond lunch.  Once you attend you are automatically a "member."

These Comments from a recent, new Attendee

George Schofield,  Futurist, author and developmental psychologist

    Iíve just come back to the office from a deeply inspiring lunch meeting. For all our important work with ďSeniorsĒ and the services many of them need, I think we tend to carelessly lump then together, regularly falling into the trap of no longer seeing them as individuals and very, very bright people with full biographies. The fact is lots of ďSeniorsĒ are still trucking along admirably with significant humor, vigor, and insightful thinking. Chronological age is clearly not the primary determinant of much of anything.

    I am fortunate enough to belong to an almost 70-year-old professional media and journalism-oriented organization. It is made up of retired print and broadcast executives and professionals, along with the rest of us still working in several forms of journalism and media.

    These older men and women were heavy hitters with long careers in exciting times for their industry, complete with opportunities that are now unlikely if not impossible.   Itís always a revelation to occasionally experience myself as one of the youngest people in a room full of really articulate, experienced, passionate people. How often do my peers and I get that chance for inspiration?

    Essentially, the organization is a luncheon club where we come together at a common table with microphones available to review and discuss a wide variety of topics from journalism and media perspectives. We discuss current issues of local, national, and international importance (political positions and religion are not permitted). This isnít a bunch of geezers telling war stories and reminiscing. This is a group of thoughtful, experienced minds coming together for highly informed discussions. About 45 of us gather each time, both men and women. The membership is larger than that, so the attendance is slightly different at each meeting.

    What did I find inspiring today, you ask? Iím glad you inquired.

    A woman in her late 70s (an unrepentant thespian) played her instrument-studded washboard and sang everything from Jazz to Rap as warmup entertainment. She remarked on her pig tails and wrinkles, and then announced that all it took was moderate musical prowess and, blessedly Ė no longer having much sense of shame Ė an increased capacity for joy. She knew how to seize a point and get it across, grabbing our attention without doing or being anyone we would usually expect. And all the while her significant dignity shone through. How many of us can do that well, I ask you?

    The gentleman on my left, 93, remarked about having written a piece with his daughter announcing his wifeís recent death for posting on his Facebook page.

    Two men in their early eighties got into a heated debate about where journalism ends and media begins. Journalism and media, although we often mash them together, are not synonymous as we all know.

    Today there was a general discussion about the November 13 letter to New York Times readers from the Publisher and the Senior Editor reflecting on issues with their campaign and election coverage.

    A famous elections polling analyst/scientist and journalist, easily in his late 70s, talked about the intelligent limits of polling and how they can miss whatís really going on.

    Iím not some voyeur at these lunches. When it was my turn, I talked about my notion that we had all been prisoners of the images and language of local/regional/identity politics and, therefore, unwilling and unable to think and behave otherwise. Itís my opinion that we, as a nation, HAVE AN EXCESS OF LANGUAGES AND IMAGES THAT SEPARATE US AND are missing the ALTERNATIVE language and images to understand commonly shared pain and hope, without which we have little opportunity to actually create an inclusive dialogue. Iíd like us to do a journalistic investigation of this without having to have another September 11 to pull us all together again.

    The lady to my right, in her middle 70ís, is so alert and attentive that her eyes sparkle. She worked with Walter Cronkite and Edward R. Murrow, among others, and clearly understood the historic nuances in all of the remarks.

    Itís my experience that many of us suffer from absence of intelligent intergenerational engagement and the inspiration that can accompany it.   My grandchildren regularly teach me important information I might otherwise miss entirely. When I say intergenerational engagement, Iím not talking about 3 or 4 generations showing up for a big holiday meal and watching sports on television rather than actually interacting. Iím talking about seizing the opportunity to look to my right and my left and observe the wisdom and perspective each generation brings from the lives they have led, regardless of age.

    Iím inspired and this came from accomplished professionals senior to me.

    What do you do for inspiration in your own life, especially multigenerational inspiration?


For more information see: "Dates & Reservations"

Reservation Mailings will go our early to mid-August  Immediate reply is appreciated, with a September 18 deadline. We will process requests in late September,  at which point we'll play "god" again allocating "confirmations" and "wait lists" as fairly as possible.  Dates have been set, where possible, to avoid "same week" meetings with the Broadcasters Club .

If you have new member/guest prospects for the new season  please call me after you have received your dates and know which of those dates your prospect can join us. 

A number of new participants joined us last season. Many have remained active offering refreshing views and perspectives.

Participants are encouraged to book interesting guests as new members. (For qualifications see Qualifications for Membership.) The 2017-18 luncheon schedule is posted  with a full season of 13 dates.  (See "Dates & Reservations").

We continue to meet at  The Field Club. The Club provides good food, a perfect setting with a quiet,  private room,  plenty of elbow room, convenient and adequate parking, a handicap ramp right to the meeting room and a beautiful view of the Intracoastal waterway.

The room is available at 11:30 a.m.  Iced tea, tea and coffee orders are taken early. Other beverages are not available because  Florida law prohibits a private club from collecting  monies from non-members. Cost for the 2017-18 season  is now $25.

We encourage you to invite new guests.  Please check this internet site for ďqualificationsĒ -and they are loosely defined, than give me a call to schedule the best date available. 

Should you invite new members to join us this season we highly recommend you refer them to "Your First Meeting" here at where they can learn Roundtable history, customs (suggested dress, Dutch treat and nature of the ďfirst visit), directions to the Field Club,  etc.

Continuing 67 years of Roundtable tradition meetings concentrate on  current issues and future developments without dwelling on the past - though a bit of nostalgia is always welcome.  Sport coat  suggested for men (tie optional), religion and politics discouraged unless discussing media coverage of same.

Participation is easy, as long as you qualify as a media person. (See "Membership")

Once a participant, always a "member." There are no annual dues, no board of directors, no constitution or by-laws. We keep it simple!

Reservations are required as seating is limited. Please cancel if you're not going to make it. We make good use of a waiting list. If its full up on first contact, ask to be on the waiting list.